Thursday, December 31, 2009

Static Movement Special Print Edition 2

Check out the recently released Static Movement Special Print Edition Volume 2. My story, 'Broken Hearted Savior' appears there within. Read on for a blurb and contributors.

I would like to thank Kyle Naden for providing the image for my story—he is a brilliant young artist in his mid-teens. Kyle has inspired several of my short stories and his illustration for 'Broken Hearted Savior' catches the story in a unique light.

Editor Chris Bartholomew created the ezine Static Movement in order to publish stories readers get lost in. The ezine Static Movement has been around for years, a starting point for new writers and a test of mettle for seasoned pros. The stories in this anthology come directly from the ezine, ranging from speculative to literary fiction, written by some of the most well-known up-and-coming writers out there such as Eric S. Brown, John Klawitter and P.S. Gifford. Illustrations and artwork enhance each story. Prices for similar products in bookstores target around $20.00, but you can purchase Static Movement Print Special No. 2 for $10.00.

Waiting-by Ken Head
Expiry-by Mo Irvine
Down the Corridors of Life Purloined-by Anthony G. Bernstein
See Mouse Fly-by John Klawitter
Me & MB-by John Klawitter
The Collector-by Sarah Frost Mellor
Whispering through the Veil-by J.T. Evans
Hands of Mercy-by John “JAM” Arthur Miller
The Herbs of Andali-by James P. Wagner
Those Left Behind-by Kevin Wallis
Scary Story-by Leonardo “Leo” John Miller
The Nightmare-by Vincent “Vinnie” Logan Miller
The Disappearance of Alice P. Liddell-by Michael Hanson
Stealing Skyward (creative nonfiction)-by Joshua Michael Johnson
The Wikid Pedia: A Reminder, A Warning, A Short History-by James A. Stewart
Falling Away-by T.L. Bodine
Awaken to a Nightmare-by Brian Barnett
Dinnertime-by Rick McQuiston
The Cull-by John Irvine
Earth Bound-Elliot Richard Dorfman
Walking the Winds at Dawn (Falling through the Clouds at Night)-by Justin Curtis
Work at Home Job-James P. Wagner
Broken Hearted Savior-by A.J. Brown
Emotion Eaters-by Scott Wilson
Taedium Mortis-by Louise Norlie
The Call-by John Stanton
At the Seaside , by the Sea-by Florence Stanton
FETCH!-by Ken Goldman
Swan Maiden-by Tala Bar
She-by Shelly Muir
Ill Met in Turquoise Sunset-by Glen Held
The Chest (a tribute to Edgar Allen Poe's “The Gold Bug”)-by S. Copperstone
Static Movement-by John “JAM” Arthur Miller
Silent Delivery-by Jamie K. Schmidt
Behind Closed Doors-by Charlotte Emma Gledson
The Wranglers-by Eric S. Brown
The Dentist Visit-by P.S. Gifford
Poetry by:
Lee Kuruganti
William Wolford
Ken Head
Jonathan Crider
John C. Mannone
Michael H. Hanson
Brandon L. Rucker
Deborah Walker
P.S. Gifford


Shane McKenzie
Lucas Pederson
John Stanton
Jack S. Rogers
Lee Kuruganti
Kyle Naden

You can go here for the purchasing information:

Static Movement

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