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Bonded By Blood II: A Romance In Red

Welcome, ye dark visceral explorers, to the second-born anthology of SNM Horror Magazine, featuring 20 of the darkest short stories published and brought to you exclusively from SNM Horror Mag. These are the new voices of horror today and our next generation of tomorrow’s pioneers. We finally unleash them back upon the Earth to haunt the sleep of the living and wake the Dead from their slumber. Yes, Bonded by Blood II!

SNM Horror Mag is honored to showcase them in this crypt we call our best of anthology. It features only the SOTM over 18 months. Also included are 2 bonus tracks from the Chief Editor; one of which is a collaborative story with SNM author Joel Peterson. We have built this hallowed Mausoleum from the grave on up and have brought it into daylight by way of darkness. We hope you welcome and embrace it. We have exhumed only the very darkest from our blackened crypt. If you like cerebral, suggestive horror that isn’t afraid to cross new thresholds in shocking the reader and making them think twice, then look no further.

We have finally been rated the #1 Online Horror Magazine of 2009! Thank you for your kind support of the featured writers herein as they are paid royalties for every sale. We really took our time to do this one right and have featured the best 20 stories of over 800 submissions from the last 18 months! We hope it reflects your highest standards. Please recommend us and support our endeavor.

We know you will discover some dark talent and enjoy the featured stories. The best way to show your support to the authors is to buy their books and visit their websites posted at the bottom of each story and in their bios. We have both new male and female horror authors for you to choose from. We hope that you find it disturbing. May it darken your daydreams…and illuminate your nightmares!

Here is the lineup in order for Bonded By Blood II:

James Cheetham - Bumper Shine
Dianna Street - Making Of A Monster
James Woodcock - The Suffering
Jen Conley - Old Hag's Syndrome
Allison Rogers - Gravedigger
Elizadeth Hetherington - Immortal Stone
A.J. Brown - Sarah's Playground
J.C. Lira - A Head Full Of Bad Animals
Jack Burton - The Gambler
Suzie Bradshaw - Wagging Tongues
Steven Marshall - I Dream of Death
A.R. Braun - The Interloper
Brett Graham - Dr. Spindle's House
Daniel Fabiani -Grave Offerings
Adrian Ludens - Cold Feet
Stacy Bolli - Behind Dark Corners
Liz Strange- Night of Stolen Dreams
Kerry Morgan - Blood Brothers
Brian Johnpeer - The Pen
SNM & Joel Peterson - Love Gently Bleeds

20 short stories, 250 pages, 94,000 words. Retail Price: $15.95 + S&H

In closing, we leave you with the foreword written by Wendy Brewer, Copy Editor for Edward Lee and Editor of the Dark Hart anthologies.

“Many years ago, I took on the arduous task of editor for a “For the Luv” horror ezine called The Murder Hole. There was no monetary gratification for myself, for the woman who hosted the website, or for any of the contributors. Yet month after month I was overwhelmed with submissions and I still managed to put forth issues highlighting some of the best dark fiction out there. From well-established writers to semi-established writers working their way to the top, to newbies, I’ve watched over the years as many of the authors I published moved on to become award-winning novelists, mass-market novelists, even publishers and editors. It’s kind of like watching your babies growing up to be successful in doing what they love and do best: writing.

That being said, I completely understand what Steven N. Marshall puts into his ezine each and every month. It takes a lot of dedication. It takes a lot of hard work. It requires enthusiasm and unconstrained loyalty to his chosen path, even in the face of adversity; perseverance overcoming animosity. And Steve manages to pull it off, putting out a new issue every month with style and flair, overwhelmingly denoting the true reasons he continues.

It’s all about “for the love of.”

The authors published by SNM every month demonstrate that same love and dedication. Reading the stories in this anthology, you can’t help but see the love these writers have for their craft of writing. Their best efforts shine through brilliantly in every story, adding new twists to old plots, bending rules, breaking out of the proverbial ‘box’, showing the readers that not only do they love to write, but they write for a simple reason: They want to entertain you, the reader.

This yearly crowning achievement published by SNM is a work of love, devotion and commitment by the authors and editors for those who enjoy and appreciate the efforts put forth by all involved. It is an extraordinary accomplishment, packed with compelling horror and dark fiction that will keep you turning the pages long after you should have turned the lights out and gone to bed.

I was truly honored when Steve had approached me about doing the introduction for this anthology. The anthologies he puts out prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the writing and creating of stories and the genuine objective to entertain isn’t all about money. It’s about literary achievement in the horror community and becoming known. It doesn’t happen overnight!

The editors know this.
The contributors know this.
Now the readers know this.
It’s all about telling a story.
And, most importantly…

It’s all about “for the love of.”

I was very impressed by this anthology. The consistency of quality writing, they way that each story stands apart from one another, the literary prose, the haunting residual in the mind, makes this a perfect masterpiece of fiction. It is comprised of the Stories of the Month for a year and a half, over careful consideration and selection from a top-rated magazine that publishes cerebral, psychological horror; horror that isn’t afraid to cross taboo thresholds, yet suggest something so menacing that the reader is grateful it’s kept offstage. Let these brave pioneers of the next Poe and Lovecraft generation whisper their dark secrets into your soul and haunt you in the most eerie, personal way: through the power of suggestion and the art of horrific eloquence. My favorite type of reading!”

Wendy Brewer, Copy Editor for Edward Lee.

Order your copy of Bonded By Blood II today or die trying!

Thank you for your loyalty and support to SNM Horror Mag.


The SNM Mausoleum is now built…and the Dead have been ripped from the Crypt and exhumed from the Tomb!

Darkest Wishes,
Steven Nicholas Marshall
Senior Editor / Moderator
SNM Horror Magazine

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