Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Short Goodnight Story

Her fingers reach for me but I resist.

"Not right now," I say, but she insists I come to bed.

With a deep sigh, I give into her wishes and make my way to the room. I know I'll feel better when we're done. As I climb into bed, Sleep's sweet arms wrap around me. I close my eyes and she takes me…

(And you thought it would be dirty, didn't you?)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rambling On and On Like I Tend To Do

Sometimes life is funny. Other times it takes a whiz on you. Still other times it plays little jokes and leaves you dazed and very confused. Yet, other times it is just life. We get frustrated, sad and angry during rough times; happy, joyous, elated during good times; apathetic during those times that we’ve taken all we can take and given all we can give but nothing seems to go right. We shrug, we move on.

The sun eventually shines again.

Writing is very much the same. There are moments where we can’t get any words onto paper—at least words that make sense and that would be worth publishing. But, then there’s those times where we can’t type or write fast enough, the story just pours out like water, splashing onto the paper or monitor and forming a tightly woven tale that leaves us exhausted but fulfilled when we are done, kind of like sex. There are moments where we can’t get anyone to accept a submission and the rejections pile up one after the other, making us wonder why we even try. Counter those moments with the ones where you get a handful of acceptances in a row and your name is getting out there.

It’s an ebb and flow.

Our economy is very much the same but during the leaner times things seem dire and a little bleaker. Money is the driving force of this great nation of ours. Greed is a deciding factor for many companies when hiring and (mostly) firing. I’m not certain there’s really a pursuit of happiness anymore. It’s become a pursuit of possessions and monetary things and it is that pursuit that has put America in the hole it is in right now. Less spending by the higher ups, including the government, could save jobs and homes.

The bailout is not a solution, just throwing good money after bad. But that is for another day. I don’t feel like politics on this day.

It’s been a few weeks since my last note and there have been both the dry times of writing and the flourish that comes with the territory. There has been an ebb and a flow.

So, let’s see where we sit with some of the writing goals.

The writing 1,000 words a day thing has come along nicely. So far for the year I sit at a healthy overage of words. The breakdown is simple:

January: 53327
February: 37659
March: 33329

That’s roughly 124,000 words written in three months. I would say that goal is being met so far. April is sitting around 14,000 for the month. The good thing about those 138,000 words is that most of them are completed stories. Some of them are pieces that won’t meet the light of day, while others should get published fairly easily.

The next goal is to work on a novel. Nope, I haven’t even come close to that one yet. However, I did outline one last week and I’m ready to get working on it.

My other goal, the one I want more than any of the other ones and the one that’s a little loftier than any of the other ones is the publication goal. If you’ll recall way back at the beginning of January I stated I would like to get 50 acceptances this year. It’s a tough feat but one I am shooting for.

As of right now I sit at 11 acceptances since January 1st. That puts me at 22% of my goal. Many of those have come in recent days. To put that in perspective, I had 16 acceptances for the 12 months that made up last year.

Right now you can catch “Where Colors Go To Die,” over at SNM Horror Magazine. It’s my second story placed there. It was a third place entry to their April themed contest. I like what Steven Marshall has going on there and it’s going to get better and better.

Since “Where Colors Go To Die” ended up third I’m going to have to try a little harder to get that first place story.

You can find “Where Colors Go To Die” Here

While you are at it check out the other stories too and Lillith’s interviews. You won’t be sorry you did.

Now for a few pieces that won’t come out until later on:

Sinister Tales picked up “I Carved Her Name Upon My Skin.” The print issue is coming out on April 15. If you would like to buy a copy check out their website at:

Sinister Tales

“Losing Grandma” was picked up by Everyday Fiction. It may not pay a lot but they have a large following so the exposure is worth more than the money. You can read Every Day Fiction at their website or subscribe to their e-mail list and receive the story of the day in your inbox EVERY DAY. If this is of interest to you, check them out here:

Every Day Fiction

Allegory picked up an odd piece I wrote last year titled, “Throwin’ Dem Bones.” It was a fun write and I’m sure you will enjoy the read. It is set to debut on May 1.

“The Dead Don’t Like the Sounds of Basketballs” will be appearing in the Tooth Decay Anthology over the summer. The anthology is being put out by Sonar 4 Publications and the closer we get to the publishing date the more information I will give out.

And “Sarah’s Playground” is going to make another appearance, courtesy of the folks at SNM Horror Magazine. They just picked SP up for their Bonded By Blood II Anthology, due out in January of 2010.

I’m stoked. Now, let’s keep that train rolling.

Chris Bartholomew runs a publication titled Static Movement Online. She always has good fiction and interviews up. Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chris. You can check it out here:

Static Movement Online

I leave you with a simple thank you for reading. I apologize for not having any humor in this installment. Maybe next time.

For all of you out there, have a good day and a safe and happy Easter. For now I’m AJ and I’m out.