Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dark Distortions

It is I once again, talking about Dark Distortions. Why? Why not? It's a killer anthology with a lot of really good stories in it. You are bound to find something in this TOMB of a book that you will love. With great authors contributing to this anthology the stories are strong, the poems beautifully rendered.

Check out the list of names in this book:

Daniel L. Naden
Sarah Deckard
Scott Craw
David W. Landrum
Mark E. Deloy
Theresa Cecilia Newbill
Robert Brian Newbill
Jamie Brindle
Eric R. Lowther
Chris Morrow
Trevor Price
Gerald C. Matics
Ralph Robert Moore
Frank Sullivan
C.D. Allen
Ken Goldman
Brandy Leah Schwan
Lorne Dixon
Kim Despins
Michael Anthony
Erik Smetana
John Logan
Jeffrey Buford
Rick McQuiston
Petra Miller
D.C. Sowders
Tom Miller
Sophia Ahnikalish Schwan
Ashley Hughes
and me.

With Molly S. Feese and C.D. Allen editing this baby it turned out to be one of the best looking, best reading anthologies I've sat down and read.

Go ahead, asks me which story is my favorite. You won't get just one answer.

Check it out for yourselves.

Scotopia Press

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