Saturday, September 27, 2008

Liquid Imagination Debuts and a Fran Friel Interview

Hey. Remember me. I’ve been gone for a short while. I had to take a break—my head was hurting. And, besides, I had to dig up my muse and bring her back to life. I missed her nagging. Oh and what she has me writing these days even disturbs me.

But, that is for another day. Today I am here to bring you some great information about a new publication that hits the online waves on September 26th. Yeah, I know you guys are probably tired of all the new zines popping up here and there and then going bye-bye after a few issues. But, you know, I think this new rag just may have staying power.

What e-zine am I talking about? Liquid Imagination. Just say the name and think about it for a minute. Liquid Imagination. Now that has a great ring to it.

John Miller founded liquid Imagination and he has a staff of really nice folks who have worked hard at getting this debut issue out in a timely manner. I have been fortunate enough to watch this go from a simple conversation to a vision to a reality. I’m very happy for John and his staff of talented people. Let me introduce you to them:

Founder and Publisher: John "JAM" A. Miller
Editor: Kevin Wallis
Poetry Editor: Chrissy Davis
Art Director: Lisa Peaslee
Technical Advisor: Karl Rademacher
Workshopping: Sue Babcock

I’ve been watching these folks work at creating Liquid Imagination. Their ideas are great and the way they work together is refreshing to see.

But, wait, there’s more. I don’t just tell you this to promote Liquid Imagination. I tell you this to also promote a new interview with Fran Friel that debuts at Liquid Imagination. It is my second interview with the delightfully wonderful author of Mama's Boy. We discussed many things including her life since the Stokers, her new collection of short stories and going through a mentorship with Douglas Clegg. Not only that, but take a gander at my story “The Babes of Angels” while you are at it. It was written specifically for Liquid Imagination and it’s not like what I would normally write.

There are other stories and poetry in there as well by the likes of Chris Perrides, Lucas Pederson, Theresa Cecilia Garcia-Newbill, Erik Smetana, Sue Babcock, Tom Beck and several others. Heidi Heimler titles my personal favorite of the stories “The Hairdresser’s Nightmare”. Throw in an interview with Nene Thomas and some vivid artwork and you have a pretty cool debut issue.

Who knows what will happen with Liquid Imagination on down the road? They may go the way of many other zines, but they may end up having some strong staying power as well. The one thing I do know is that there has been a lot of enthusiasm and hard work put into this and I’m hoping they’re here for the long haul.

You know, there is only one way that can happen though: Go visit Liquid Imagination and tell them what you think. Check them out here:

Liquid Imagination

For now, I’m AJ and I’m out.